About Us

Roger Meekins, our founder, started his career in Financial Services in 1963 when the world was a very different place. Calculators, mobile phones and internet banking were the stuff of science fiction - adaption and change is vital for us all if we are to maximise our time and opportunities.

Each client relationship is unique. As such, what we offer to each client depends on what they want to achieve. Our service is based around a long term ongoing relationship between our client and Meekins & Co..We will establish what your goals and aspirations are, put plans in place to achieve these, and then continually monitor progress and adjust our strategy to ensure these goals are met. 

During life's journey there will be many events that will cause financial hiatus, both positive and negative. We are here to offer assistance, maximise the opportunities, and minimise the pitfalls.Using ever developing software we are able to offer levels of financial planning that are bespoke to our clients. Up-to-date portfolio valuations, analysis needs packages, and brokerage services that ensure that our clients have the most effective plans, for their own individual circumstances.

The Team

Ian Meekins

Principal / Financial Adviser

Guy Cooper

Office Manager​

Oliver Meekins

Financial Adviser

Stephen Huggett

Para Planner

Ellen Meekins

Customer Care & PMI specialist


James Shah


Nina Baker

Mortgage Assistant

Financial Advice

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Family run business since 1963